5 wardrobe ideas for professional headshots

5 Wardrobe Ideas for Professional Headshots

We get so many questions about the best wardrobe for professional headshots. Although you can get a good rundown of the basic rules in our FAQ right here, this list is to give you some more specific tips on things you can bring to get the most out of your session. Picking the right clothes for a headshot session can be intimidating and even overwhelming, but give this list a read and you will have a better idea of how to proceed.


Swapping out jewelry is a very simple and efficient way to give you multiple looks out of each outfit you bring to your professional headshots session. More options for you to choose form means that you will end up with a final product you like more. We review your images on an iPad as we shoot so you will be able to mix and match until you have the perfect look. This is also great for people who have multiple frames for their glasses. Small items are easy to bring along and can add quite a lot to your headshots. 


You shouldn’t necessarily bring the same three outfits you wear to the office to your professional headshots session. Grab a few of those shirts and ties that you save for special occasions. When we have more options, we may be able to put together a combination in the studio that you wouldn’t have thought of on your own. The results can often be bolder and more impactful and that will show in your photos. Shirts and ties are easy to bring along and can leave you with a variety of options you had never considered before.

business portrait with bow tie


With so many platforms that need content, getting more variety from your headshot session is critical. Your email signature may not be the same as one that you submit for blogs or speaking engagements. Having a slightly scaled back, business casual look in your portfolio can give you a relatable, authentic appeal when you need it. Professional headshots don’t always need to be formal.


More and more we are asked for personal photos from our professional clients. There are many hard-working, single folks out there looking to make a connection and a great photo can help with that. Bring a casual look along to your session and we can create a more relaxed, natural image that you can use for dating sites or your personal social media when the business attire might be overkill. 


This is important. Just because it’s a headshot session, that doesn’t mean you should skip wearing pants. Zoom meetings have lulled us all in to a sense of security with business on top and party on the bottom, but when you only dress your top half, you don’t leave a photographer with too many options when working with you. Wear those killer shoes you always get compliments on, press those slacks, and make sure that you are 100% ready for any images that we might be able to create. Very often our clients favorite images are 3/4 or full length, which can’t happen if you wear gym shorts.

Bonus: If there is any article of clothing or accessory that is special to you, just bring it. Your pictures will always mean more to you if they say something about you. Whether it’s a watch handed down from your father or a set of earrings you wore on your first date, bring it along and if we can work it in to the session, we will. 

Whatever your wardrobe choices, remember that the more options you bring, the more tools you are giving your photographer to work with. Make sure that all your clothes are clean, pressed, work with your natural coloring, and fit you well. 

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