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5 Things to Check Before You Leave for Your Photo Shoot

So you booked a photo shoot. You did your homework, found the right photographer, watched your diet and got loads of rest. Not to mention your hair is on point and you found the perfect clothes. You have come too far not to stick the landing. In the last decade or so, we have seen more than our fair share of photo shoots hamstrung by a last minute mistake. To help you nail it, we have put together a quick list of things to do before you walk out the door for your photo shoot.



That One Thing

Usually you have an article of clothing or a piece of jewelry that you are contemplating bringing. Just grab it. It doesn’t hurt to have it on hand and it just might be the thing that makes the whole photo shoot. You play guitar, skateboard, or collect swords? Bring that, too. You never know what might come out of it.


Unless you booked a makeup artist (which we highly recommend, see our list HERE), you might need to touch-up during your session. Make sure to bring your portable makeup kit, or at least some foundation and lips.

Your Bag of Clothes

Yes, your clothes. It’s crazy how often people have shown up having been in such a hurry that they actually forgot their clothes. Don’t laugh, it happens to the best of them. Double check you have all the clothes you want to bring, and then see #1 on this list.


There are certain parts of Orlando-make that Florida-that are incredibly hard to get around because of traffic and construction. Always check to see what’s going on between you and your shoot location the night before your session. Running late and getting stuck in traffic can stress you out before having your picture taken, so always double check. National traffic and construction information can be sourced anywhere in the country with links from the USDoT website HERE. If you are a resident of the Sunshine State, Florida 511 is a pretty great resource for all things traffic related. Check it out HERE.

An Umbrella 

Let’s not kid, the weather in Orlando can be pretty unpredictable. Don’t go through the trouble of doing your hair just to get drenched en route to the photo shoot. Make sure you keep your head and shoulders dry and grab that umbrella before you dash. Even if it doesn’t seem like you’ll need one.

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