5 Can't Miss Wardrobe Selections for Actor Headshots

5 Can’t Miss Wardrobe Choices for Actor Headshots

Choosing the wardrobe for your upcoming actor headshots can be overwhelming. Over the years we have seen plenty of good and bad wardrobe choices come through our studio, and there are a few items that just seem to hit the mark every time. Of course there are so many ways to create a great wardrobe for a headshot session, but if you are looking for some solid choices that always work, then read on. Keep in mind that if you have an agent or coach, you always want to consult with them on what they think you should wear for a session. 


Although it might seem fairly obvious, a solid-colored t-shirt is one of the best wardrobe options for an actors headshot. As simple as it seems to choose, it’s just as easy to screw it up by picking the wrong one. When selecting a t-shirt for your headshot session, make sure that it is clean, wrinkle-free, completely free of logos or designs, and in a color that complements your natural complexion. Check out our guide on selecting the right colors for your skin tone here.

Solid Colored T-Shirts in Headshots


The modern jean jacket has been around for a long time and never seems to go out of style. It’s a great choice that can give your headshots a stylish “every man” kind of look without being overly distracting. Pair a denim jacket with the right solid-colored t-shirt and you can create a layered look that works every time.


Although the Henley has its origins in 19th century English underwear, it has become a modern wardrobe staple for men and women. This collarless polo shirt is a fantastic alternative to a t-shirt with just a touch more sophistication. It works well on it’s own or as a layer underneath collared button downs and jackets. For headshots, keep to solid colors that work with your natural coloring.


From flight and bomber jackets to field jackets and pea coats, military-style jackets are a fantastic choice for a character headshot with a little more edge to it. From detectives and crooks to mercenaries and super heroes, military jackets have become a huge part of the zeitgeist of film and television. They come in all shapes and sizes and some of them can be bulky. If you use one for your session, make sure that it fits you well so it doesn’t take over the headshot.



If Maverick and the Fonz have taught us anything, it’s that the leather jacket is synonymous with cool. If you are looking for a tough look for your actor headshots, a leather jacket can be a great option. When choosing one for your headshot session, stay away from overly large collars and big shoulder pads. If you aren’t careful, the wrong leather jacket can add more bulk to you than you might want in a photo. 

No matter what clothes you choose to bring to a session, it’s never a bad idea to send some ideas to your photographer and get their feedback. The better you plan your looks, the better you will like the results of your actor headshots. As always, make sure that everything you bring is clean, pressed, and ready to go when you arrive for the shoot. Photographers aren’t usually set up to be your dry-cleaner. Even if a photographer is prepared enough to be able to steam clothes for you when you arrive, you might end up eating up your session time fussing over your clothes instead of creating awesome headshots. 

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