Yoga and Photography Retreats in Italy

We are excited to announce that once again we will be teaching photography workshops in Italy in May 2014! These are not workshops geared towards professional photographers (although all are welcome), they are part of an amazing Tuscan retreat put together by Ignite Your Bliss. Melissa Irivne, qualified Yoga instructor and world-traveling adventurer, leads an all inclusive retreat through Tuscany that takes travelers through the rolling hills and ancient villages of one of the most beautiful places in the world.





Each day travelers are treated to beginning and intermediate Yoga classes at a century-old Tuscan villa before being whisked away on guided tours of vineyards and towns to enjoy food, wine and sight seeing. While traveling, guests will be given hands-on instruction in photography by us covering everything from how to use that DSLR with all the buttons to it’s full potential to taking better landscape and vacation images with your phone or point and shoot camera.




From camera function and composition to picking the best light for your travel photos there will be something for people of all levels of skill. Want to really up your game? Trek out with Gary and Julie and learn how to create beautiful end of day images of landscapes and architecture using advanced professional techniques.





If you aren’t in to yoga or photography, you can kick back and enjoy the scenery, lay around the villa’s beautiful pool or go exploring and see what you can discover (we discovered plenty of awesome little cafes and restaurants in the nearby village).


the villa's pool in tuscany



We and the other travelers had an incredible time visiting wineries and vineyards all over Tuscany. There were tons of tastings and we got to buy some bottles of wine and olive oil to take home with us.




You never know what you’ll run in to when exploring Tuscany. We came across an annual race across Italy called the Mile where dozens of old sports cars compete to be the first to make it across the hilly terrain. The race became an opportunity for a lesson in how to shoot moving objects!




One of the best things about Italy is the architecture. We explored churches and cathedrals that had been built more than 1000 years ago. We took the opportunity to teach the other travelers some techniques when shooting architecture!







And besides all of the amazing things we got to see and do, at the end of every day we gathered around the villa’s dining table and traded stories, photos and jokes while making some great new friends.




If you think one of these trips is something you could get excited about doing, hop on over to the Ignite Your Bliss webpage and get more information on booking your next big adventure.

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