What is a Personal Branding Session?


Branding has been at the forefront of every company’s marketing strategy even before the rise of social media advertising. Usually, this means a cohesive message that’s being sent to customers that involves a look, message, story, and experience. When considering branding you want to decide on the voice that your customer or viewer will see, feel, and hear. This article by dives deeper into this for you. Branding nowadays can make or break your business, especially with the number of millennials in the buying market who are brand loyal, which is discussed here in this article by Forbes. In creating this brand, it’s important to keep in mind that you are quite literally the face of your brand, so every marketing strategy and advertisement needs to pair with the feeling you portray in your team photos as well.

Our job is to bring all of that together and capture it in a photograph. But we don’t exclusively shoot personal branding sessions for CEOs and techies – these sessions are versatile because branding is versatile. Whether we’re shooting photos of your team making latte art or of you making alterations on a wedding dress, our half-day photo sessions create the final puzzle piece in completing your own personal branding.


Here are some ideas of how you can use your next personal branding session with us:


1: For Business

This is the obvious choice, but for a reason. When starting a new business, or refining an existing one, your “Personal Brand” is specifically referencing the message you’re sending to customers. This involves a lot of things like brand colors, logos, slogans, advertisements, etc. One of the most important factors, however, is the person the client will talk to – and that’s where your photo comes in.

Start for example with a LinkedIn search. Your profile picture is one of the first things that they see and one of their initial impressions. This is most important for people who work in real estate, PR, counseling, and communications. You want to be able to express as much about yourself and your company through your photo as possible while maintaining a specific voice and sense of professionalism.

Because our personal branding sessions are a half a day of shooting, you have optimal time with the photographer to work up to the just right message. Our private Pinterest boards also allow us to get a better sense of your branding before you even meet us, and is also available during the shoot to double check how we’re doing and to also continue to spark ideas.


2: For Entertainment

If there’s anyone whose initial photo matters the most it’s entertainers. We work specifically with actors and models who are looking to either create a portfolio from scratch or rebrand their current image. Typically we refer to this session as a “comp card” session because most models will use their personally branded images for their comp cards and portfolios to bring to agencies. Actors can use this session as an opportunity to show an entire range, which is useful for people who are versatile.

Our half day of shooting is the perfect opportunity to work with a photographer who is experienced in the comp card and portfolio building industry. Gary knows exactly what to look for and how to bring it out of someone. Here’s a link to some examples.


3: For Dating

Yes, for dating. Think about it: 4 hours with a photographer is enough time to get several different photos from different locations to show every aspect of your interests and personality. Maybe you like boating and have one in your backyard you want to be shot with, or  maybe you want to show that you work in music and have an in-home recording studio. Maybe you just really like flowers and foliage and have a beautiful garden. Whatever it is you want to portray on your dating profile, it can probably be photographed. Unless you’re an astronaut.

Here’s a link to a fun way we’ve introduced the idea of shooting for your dating profile.

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