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A little more than two years ago we decided to take a leap with our little photography business in Orlando. We decided to move from a home-based business to a full time retail location. For a family business like ours that’s a huge step but we knew that it was important. After looking for what felt like ages for a place that would fit our needs and our budget, we signed a lease on our very first studio. Two years later our needs had outgrown what we could do in the space, but we loved the location. Instead of picking up and moving we decided to renovate part of the space we already had. After more than three weeks and about a thousand trips to Home Depot we are proud to say that we have finally completed the main part of the work and are shooting like crazy. There are some more tweaks we want to make but we thought it might be fun to share a little of the before and after.


After we emptied the studio but before the demolition:

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We (contractors) knocked down some walls, replaced the entire ceiling, repaired ann the damaged drywall and painstakingly took up all the old ceramic tile. It was a ton of work!

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To complete the renovations we (us this time!) patched in all the damaged drywall, painted the high and low-key sets and finished off the floors with acid etching, concrete dye and a slick, gloss finish!

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And finally we were able to bring our lighting equipment back in and with the addition of a backdrop rail system we completed the main renovations

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