(2024.03.25) Spring Wardrobe Revamps To Kick Off The Season

Spring Wardrobe Revamps To Kick Off The Season

Spring is in the air! Time for flowers to bloom, for the days to get longer, and for strolls in the lovely sunshine. Let’s refresh our Spring wardrobe!



A season change is a great time to explore different hues and color palettes.

Need updated headshots? Or, perhaps you are creating a new acting or modeling portfolio and need some headshots to start? You may want consider refreshing your headshots as you refresh your Spring wardrobe. We’ve compiled a list of color palettes to reinvigorate your wardrobe and put that spring in your step for the wonderful weather that is here.



Before you begin hunting for hues, CLICK HERE to find out what skin tone you have, so you can be sure to adorn yourself in colors that best complement you!





Such as ivory, camel, and clearer browns.

Tip: Use different shades of neutrals to add depth to your look. 




Think lilac, light yellow, and baby blue.

Tip: Light blues and pinks provide a splash of color against darker hues like navy blue.



Examples are poppy red, daffodil yellow, and tangerine.

Tip: Try a monochromatic ensemble.




A go-to for the warm-weather months. It is crisp and clean, making it a timeless Spring wardrobe staple.

Tip: White goes with everything – sprinkle in some color!




Colors like olive green, mint green, and kelly green.

Tip: Brighter greens paired with dark-wash jeans creates a pleasing contrast.


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