3 Reasons to Offer Headshots at Your Next Event

photography by hughes fioretti


Corporate events are a fantastic way to energize your sales force, unify your team and reward the hard work at the end of a good year. Big companies come to Orlando every day to put on events for their teams. We have seen everything from Corvette giveaways and fire-jugglers to celebrity concerts and dancing storm troopers, but maybe the most popular part of the events that we work is the headshot booth. Professionals from all over the world line up to get a great, professional headshot and our team loves to deliver. If you have an event coming up, here are 3 reasons why it’s a great idea to add headshots to it:


1. A Consistent Look – For companies with a lot of employees, especially those with offices in multiple locations, getting the team together for headshots can be difficult. A convention is often the only time everybody is all together and presents a great opportunity for everyone to have consistent and professional-looking images.

2. Increased Value – Corporate events are a great opportunity for a company to say thank you to their teams of hard working employees. Providing the chance for attendees to get a great-looking headshot is great added value and a moral booster.

3. It Saves Money and Time (which is money) – If every office hires a photographer to come out to their location and photograph the staff, you have loads of time spent working with, booking and paying photographers. Everything from inquiry to the delivery of the final images uses the resources of staff in every office. If you have headshots provided at your annual event, there is one vendor to work with, one bill to pay, and one email chain to manage. Many paid hours and money saved by keeping it simple and doing it all in one place.

Check out the 30 second video below of 460 headshots we captured at a three-day, corporate event. No matter how many attendees you have or what your needs are, we have the ability to accommodate you.


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