HF, A history

Hughes Fioretti Photography, A History

Take a minute and think back to 2008. America was in the middle of a great recession, yet,  life still carried on. Britney Spears had an unanticipated comeback. Beyonce tied the knot with Jay Z. Barack Obama was elected America’s next president. Gary Hughes and Julie Fioretti decided to take a leap and start a photography business together. Enter Hughes Fioretti Photography. Fast forward to now, and we cannot BELIEVE that it has been 15 years since the start of  this business. It has been such a fun, incredible ride for this family business and this post will be dedicated to looking back on the past 15 years. 


The grinding years. Lots of weddings.

Two people holding hands in a field with a beautiful sunset


Lots of senior portraits. Can you believe we were one of the first photographers to photograph Orlando City Soccer, before MLS? This was a wild and blurry first four years to the business. The Hughes Fioretti Photography facebook page came online in 2011. The headshots featured in our very first headshot post:  




Gary and Julie get married! As Julie’s sibling, I honestly did not see this one coming. (Just kidding). These are the years where family life and business really intertwine. The Hughes Fioretti Photography business starts to focus even more on headshots. Gary starts to teach more and more, going to different places around the country. In the midst of all the business hustle and bustle, Gary and Julie settled in Winter Park in 2013 after they purchased their home. Gary earned his Masters from PPA in 2014. They both became parents in 2015, welcoming Elley to the family (Holiday card picture features Grandpa Fio).



In 2015, Gary created a podcast, Photobomb Podcast, with Booray Perry and  would go on to host 400 episodes. 





More headshots, even for charity! Headshots for charity happen in Atlanta, Georgia. Their second child, Josey is welcomed into the family. The company hit 10 years with Gary receiving the Imaging Excellence Award from the Professional Photographer’s Association. Charley enters the family.

Gary lands a cover image for Professional Photographers Magazine. Covid hits and things start to get weird. But fear not! An absolute treasure of a human, Al,  joins the team!



The Hughes Fioretti studio officially moved to Wymore Road. 


Gibson, the fourth child, is welcomed into the family. Travel and events are slowly coming back online as covid becomes a little more manageable. Fio joins the team as Content Manager. 


Year 15 of the Hughes Fioretti Photography business. The biggest and best year yet. Julie and Gary throw a wonderful party to celebrate. Not only are we celebrating 15 years, but this year in particular had some major achievements: Gary received his fellowship from Societies of Photographers. Headshot Tools, a program for photographers, is launched. Hughes Fioretti Photography won Best of Orlando and Best of Winter Park. Kristin joins the team as Content Specialist.



So dear reader, now for the most important part. Thanks. Thank you for choosing us as your photographer. This has been a wild 15 years and we could NOT have done it without YOU. Your support and interest has made the wildest dreams of Hughes Fioretti Photography come true. We are so incredibly excited to grow our craft for years to come with you alongside with us. Thank you, and cheers to 15 years. 



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