How to Get the Most Out of Your Event with Photography


By Andrew Harper

When booking an event photographer, it’s important to know that you’re getting the most bang for your buck. While it may seem straightforward, there are actually many additional services we provide that can completely enhance you and your guests’ overall experience. Whether it’s from our computer, behind our camera, or out of our bag of makeup tricks, we’ve got you covered. Here are three additional options to guarantee we capture the most during your event:


Social Media Highlight Photos


One of our favorite services that we offer, highlight photos for your social media accounts are a prime way to advertise your event further by posting professional shot photos from the event itself. A photographer will stay in movement throughout the day capturing images of speakers, stations, visitors, clients, etc. At the end of the day, the photographer can deliver these jpg files to an event coordinator or marketing team so that they can be posted immediately. An ideal use of this service is for multi-day events where images of previous days may entice excitement and further involvement in the following days. It’s also a good way to let people know that there are photographers on-site if they weren’t already aware.



Add Headshots!


The best thing you can do when surrounded by your entire staff is to get a round of headshots that can be used for email signatures and online profiles! We have the ability to set up a headshot booth where each person can take their turn sitting for our photographer and getting a studio-quality professional headshot. We can effectively deliver each of these headshots with a service called “on-site selection” which is a method of choosing the best photos on the spot and organizing the files by name alphabetically to ease the process of file delivery for the client. During the shoot, an assistant will workman laptop tethered to the camera and as the images are shot they come through on the laptop at real-time. Each person can then sit and pick their favorite headshot with the assistant who will also gather their name and other necessary information for file delivery to the client. This service comes most in handy when doing large amounts of headshots and typically is designed with a marketing team in mind who will need to distribute the images to the right people later. Because the files are named after the person in the image, distribution is easy and the best shot has already been selected for you.



 Sponsor an Online Gallery of Photos


Not only can we host a gallery of images that your attendees can log in to and look through, but we can brand that gallery with your company’s information or give you an opportunity to display a sponsor or two. In many cases, this is a great way to give a sponsor some extra exposure after the event and even help supplement the cost of the photography. This type of additional branding leaves a lasting impression on your attendees, as this will most likely be the last time they see your logo or an affiliate. A sponsored gallery also drives a good relationship with partner companies during the event because you’ve gone the extra length to ensure that they’ve stood out to the attendees.



Group Photos


If you have the whole company together in one place, it might just be the perfect opportunity to get a group photo. Whether it’s 15, 150, or 1500 people, a group photo documents the history of your business and events and creates a sense of team in a unique way. You can even provide every attendee with a framed print to take home from the conference!



The addition of these services to your event can really step your marketing up several notches and ensure that your guests, employees, and clients to look their very best. The addition of great, professional event photography can give you some incredible marketing opportunities that can increase morale, customer relations, and even increase your marketing presence. Talk to us about your next event and how we can help you get the most out of your photography.

Interested in coming up with some creative photography ideas for your next event? Get in touch with us!


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