Alternative Headshots – Why Marketers are Asking for Them



We shoot thousands (yes thousands) of headshots in Orlando every year. The majority of those are fairly straightforward, smiling and looking at the camera images. Everyone knows that thanks to social media and modern marketing, a good headshot is crucial in the business community. With millennials quickly becoming the main buying force in the professional world as management and decision makers, companies are looking to branding and marketing strategists to find new ways to relate to and connect with potential clients online. More and more of our commercial clients are asking us to create something special for them. Marketers will tell you that people are gathering a lot of information before they make a buying decision, and that includes checking out the profiles and social media pages of the people and places they spend money with. Enter the “Alternative Headshot”.

Along with a standard headshot, clients are asking us for an “alternative” image, one that shows a little more about the subject. Telling a story in a headshot can create a sense of authenticity with a potential client and start to develop positive feelings toward the company they work for. If someone identifies with the values of a particular business, they are more likely to spend their money there and feel good about it. As more and more people get a standard professional headshot, the more companies and marketers are going to push for a way to stand out. The alternative headshot is a great way to do just that.




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