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6 coffee shops near the Hughes Fioretti studio

Did you know that Orlando is rated the #1 U.S. city for the number of coffee shops per capita? As a coffee person, I love to hear that. As someone that works for a small business, I love to see that you can find some local small business coffee shop gems. We believe in being fully caffeinated at Hughes Fioretti Photography so in this blog we wanted to share what’s nearby and what are some of our local favorites. 

I’ll start off this coffee shop blog by saying, yes, you could throw a stick and hit a Starbucks or a Dunkin Donuts here in Orlando. There are more than I care to count. Both are within a half mile of the studio if you need them. Don’t get me wrong, there is something about the creature comfort you can find with Starbucks, especially while traveling. With places like Starbucks, you already have your order dialed in and you will get exactly what you want from them, guaranteed. So that’s great in some respects, but the hidden gems are the local roasters here, especially if you like to enjoy some amazing coffee. Supporting small businesses is a main driver to our choices and we want to share our top 6. 

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Closest to the studio local brew: Foxtail Coffee Roasters

This coffee shop roaster started in Orlando and has since taken off to give big names a run for their money in Florida. Foxtail coffee is extremely great at iced coffee which is arguably a necessity in the year round heat of Florida. I would highly recommend giving Foxtail a shot over major brands. Foxtail has become big enough that you’re going to get that Starbucks feel but Florida style. 

Best coffee with heart: KOS coffee

Feeling good while drinking coffee doesn’t have to be just for the caffeine hit. KOS coffee is a socially responsible coffee company that consciously partners and redistributes profits to impact the community. So when you support this local business you know that your dollars are consciously spent. 

Best option for a sweet tooth: Light on the Sugar

There is nothing better than pairing baked goods with a coffee and Light on the Sugar doesn’t disappoint. This family owned bakery puts a fun spin on your standard French pastry using Asian inspired flavors. You have the option to get any standard coffee drink or you can explore their incredibly creative lattes.

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Best option for local flare: San Julian’s Coffee Bar

100% Colombian coffee. Arepas. You just have to go and try this place out. San Julian’s Coffee Bar has delicious coffee with a latin inspired, laid back atmosphere. Such a fun and cool vibe. So good. 

Late night local staple: Austin’s Coffee

I spent plenty of late nights at Austin’s coffee. While going to the local University, it was clutch to see Austin’s coffee open 24/7. It is the cheer’s bar of local coffee shops. Couches to make the place cozy, beer & wine options, and depending on what time you go, there might be a jam band or open mic night. 

Feeling adventurous: Barnie’s Coffee

This coffee shop is a little farther away from the studio, but it is a true gem. Barnie’s coffee has been in the Winter Park area for over 40 years. You can even buy them locally at Publix. Barnie’s has some fun and adventurous flavors, one we can’t seem to get away from in Santa’s White Christmas. We’ll brew that anytime of year. 


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