5 Great Cameras for Creating Content

5 Great Cameras for Creating Content (2020)

Social distancing in 2020 has given rise to an explosion of online content creation. 

So you may have noticed a surge in videos, webinars, and general information being pushed out from every corner of the internet. With all of that white noise, it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd if you choose to create more content than usual. Most photographers end up owning loads of equipment and, as a result, we usually have what we need for creating content. What if you’re running a business where you don’t happen to have all that gear lying around? Almost everyone has a smart phone with impressive capabilities, but that’s just it; everyone has them. For those of you who are looking to start a YouTube channel, create more for IGTV, or broadcast more live content, I have created a list of some great cameras that will help you up your game. Starting with the lowest budget and going up from there, here are five great cameras for creating content.

  1. Logitech C920 HD Webcam
  2. Canon VIXIA HF 800
  3. The Canon Rebel T6i
  4. Canon Powershot G7X Mk III
  5. Fuji X-T30
You might notice that this list is pretty Canon-heavy. 

That’s because Canon is the undisputed king of developing cameras for creating content. There are hundreds of good options from many companies and you could get lost for days comparing specs, so I wanted to keep it simple. As I researched this list, I considered some specific factors. The two most important were the price and the feature set as it relates to content creators who are NOT professional photographers. As a result, the cameras on this list are ones that you could pretty much pick up and use without a huge learning curve (and without breaking the bank). Even the more expensive cameras on this list are crammed with features that make them an incredible value. Let’s break down my choices with the pros and cons of these great cameras for creating content here:

Budget Options - Under $200

Logitech C920 HD Webcam – $79

This little guy is a surprisingly robust camera that many content creators are using. It’s very inexpensive and it has some pretty great features. The video quality is much better than most built-in webcams and it even has pretty decent audio quality built in. So If you plan to do the majority of your vlogging while sitting at a computer, this is the perfect choice. A very handy grip allows it to grab onto a monitor, a chair, or a table. With a long enough cable, you can screw it to the top of a small light stand so you can change the camera angle. Logitech even has some software to go alongside it that can give you some creative recording options.


  • Very Affordable
  • Privacy screen
  • Great quality video



  • Not the best option for travel blogging
  • Bad for stills
  • No 4k

Who’s it for?

Best for home vloggers and content creators who want to record go live from their computers but want better quality than a built-in webcam.

Canon VIXIA HF 800

If you want cameras for creating content on the go without spending a fortune, it’s easy to overlook the oft-forgotten handy-cam. Because of the rise of the smart phone camera, these types of devices have largely fallen out of fashion. However,  they are still hanging around and you can get some fantastic features for the money. The HF 800 gives you HD quality video, a great built-in optical zoom, and a flip screen for monitoring at a price you can’t beat. This is  going to have a better overall quality than a phone, and you get the ability to record on memory cards without worrying too much about running out of space. Add to that great connections for headphones and external microphones and you can produce some high-quality video on a budget



  • Very affordable
  • Quality HD video
  • External audio capable
  • Flip Screen
  • Great battery life


  • Bad for stills
  • No 4k
  • No wifi/bluetooth

Who’s it for?

This is a great option for aspiring YouTubers and content creators who want to make videos at home or on the go without laying out a small fortune.

Mid Range - Under $800

Canon Rebel T6i

Canon Rebels are packed with features for an entry-level price. Not only do you get great image quality, but you get access to the whole line of Canon lenses if you want to up your production value in the future. Portable compared to other DSLR’s, the T6i features a fully-articulating touch screen and many of the audio and output features that you might see in a more expensive camera. WiFi and Bluetooth capability are great for getting images and video to your mobile device, but it also gives you the ability to control the camera from your phone or tablet, making it a little easier to film on the go. 


  • Very well featured for the price
  • Large selection of lenses
  • WiFi and Bluetooth controls
  • Excellent image quality
  • Great for stills as well as video
  • Long battery life
  • Face tracking auto focus


  • Size and weight, depending on lenses
  • No 4k

Who’s it for?

This little powerhouse is for content creators who want the capability for great stills and video on the go. The battery is up for a solid day of shooting and the versatility and ease of use will be a hit with creators looking to up their game from using a phone.

Canon Powershot G7X Mk III

The Mk II version of the G7 X was a huge hit among creators. The recently released Mk III added some surprising new features. As if upgrading to 4k wasn’t a welcome change,  this newer version can create native vertical video for Instagram stories and has the ability to broadcast directly to YouTube live over WiFi. Top that with an added microphone input and you pretty much have an all-around powerhouse of a content creation machine that easily fits into your pocket. Although at launch, many fans of the series reported issues with the auto focus, Canon has since released a firmware update that seems to have fixed the issue.



  • Very portable
  • Great built in lens for stills and video
  • Image stabilization
  • Full-frame 4k video
  • Vertical Video
  • YouTube live


  • Slow Auto Focus
  • Poor Battery Life

Who’s it for?

This camera is made specifically for vloggers and content creators. Whether you are creating YouTube videos, taking travel photos, or live streaming, this camera is  a production studio in your pocket. Not the best choice for serious, professionals, but perfect for great-looking content with the least amount of fuss possible with quality that will blow your smartphone out of the water.



Higher End - Around $1,000.00

Fujifilm X-T30

Over the last few years, Fujifilm has been putting some pretty impressive cameras on the market. Packed with features and punching hard above its weight, the Fuji X-T30 is a compact and versatile camera at a very reasonable price. It’s essentially a pro-level mirrorless camera disguised as consumer model. With Incredible quality and some pro video features, more advanced content creators will love this powerful,  portable machine. Not to mention it can use the entire line of Fuji lenses for some great looking results.


  • Professional level camera at a bargain price
  • Portable
  • Access to full line of lenses
  • Pro video recording features
  • Great for video and stills


  • Battery life
  • Lenses are extra
  • Poor ergonomics for video

Who’s it for?

Content creators who want to go deeper into professional production quality without taking out a second mortgage will love this camera. With the available lens choices, it could be a terrific video or still camera for almost anything. The small form factor hides the pro-level power of this little beast.


Honorable Mention

  • Sony A6400 – Almost every list of cameras for creating content will include this well-featured camera. What will set it apart is Sony’s industry-leading eye-detecting auto focus. Great for solo content creation.
  • Panasonic Lumix GH5 – Although it’s not cheap (around $1200-$1500), this machine has become a cult favorite among serious video creators and content producers. Compact, great quality, and as full-featured as many pro cinema cameras.
  • GoPro Hero 7 – If you are an outdoor thrill-seeker who is looking to create video content, you have to have this in your kit. Nothing even comes close. Exceptional quality and durability, perfect for trips to the danger zone.

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