Top 10 Reasons Why Mini Sessions are Awesome – Headshots Orlando

Every couple of months we have our MINI Headshot Sessions event – and they are awesome! Here’s our top 10 great reasons why you should book a MINI Headshot session:

1. You just changed your hair color.Want to know a secret? Casting directors HATE it when you do not look like your headshot and you don’t want to make them angry.
2. You just cut your hair. – You woke up one morning and decided it would be a good idea to chop your long, luscious, locks to a super cute,  pixie cut and now you need new headshots.
3. Your current headshot is in black and white.This means that you last got your headshot in 1995 and it’s time to update!
4. Straight hair or curly hair?
– So you did the right thing and hired a hair and make up artist for your headshot session. They straightened your hair and you loved it! However, you usually wear it curly because it’s alot of work to straighten it and you like to sleep.
5. You’re a working actor! – Until you make it big, we know you’re looking for an economical solution to getting updated headshots. MINI sessions are only $99!
6. You’re just getting started in the industry and need a good headshot to get an agent.
You need a headshot to get an agent, but then once you get an agent they are going to tell you that you need specific headshots. What’s an actor to do? Book a MINI session to get an agent, then book a regular session to get all the looks your agent wants.
You have a son/daugher in the industry – MINI sessions are perfect for kids! It’s a short session to comply with short attention spans. Not to mention you’ll need to update children’s headshots more frequently since they grow and change so rapidly. Good thing we offer MINI sessions every couple of months.
8. You used to/now have a beard.  – Your current headshot looks like you were a musician living in Gainesville and now you need some images of your sweet baby face.
9. You just did headshots with another photographer and are not thrilled about them. Your hairdresser’s, neighbor’s, little sister is just getting into photography, needed to build her portfolio and was going to do them for free. We understand, but now you need professional headshots that you’ll want to show to agents and casting directors.
10.You only need a (commercial, theatrical, lifestyle, 3/4,  insert other specific headshot here…) image. – Your agent is asking for just ONE specific image? Perfect MINI sessions will give you just what you need.

There’s our top 10! Below are some clients who think our MINI sessions are awesome – or at least we think they do since they keep coming back! All images were taken on at completely different sessions and I think you can see why.

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Our next MINI Heashot Sessions Event is Wednesday, March, 21st! Call 407-617-1231 to book yours today. I’ve decided that my marketing posters for MINI headshot sessions will be based on movie posters – Below is the current poster. Leave a comment on what movie poster I should use for the next MINI sessions poster!

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