3 Reasons why you should have team photos and prints at your next event

Orlando is one of the most popular places in the country for companies to hold events. We provide event photography services to businesses large and small throughout the year. One of the most popular services we offer is large group photography. No matter whether it’s 30 or 300 people, we can get wonderful group shots at your event. Show off the great location while documenting the occasion for all your attendees. Not all photographers in Orlando are equipped for this: You can even get individual prints in custom branded frames or folders printed and delivered the same day. Check out these 3 reasons why you should have team photos and prints at your next event:


1. Document Your History


You and your team put a ton of work in to your event. All that work is worthy of being documented. Your business is growing, and the people that are making it grow are going to love and look back and see where it all started. Imagine being able to look back at how your team grows over the years. Event photography of your team makes that possible.


2. Photos Make Great Gifts


You can make sure that every attendee leaves your event with a custom branded photo souvenir of the time you spent together. Get custom frames or folders with your company logo and the event branding. We can even print and deliver the same day.


3. Team Building and Morale


Creating team photos is an awesome way for your team to remember the great experiences of your event. Give them something that will let them remember what a great time they had. Remembering everything they learned and built together can carry them through the year.

Get in touch with us about your event in Orlando and we can go over all your photography and print options.

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