What Is the Right Style? Personal Branding and Team Photos

There are few things that can communicate your brand identity and corporate culture to your client base like a professional portraits and team photos. Coupled with a great website and social media strategy your portraits and group photos can say a lot about your business. We work with companies all over Central Florida and help them to come up with the right images to reinforce their message. There are plenty of options for creating these images whether your company does interior design or video game design.


Clean and simple is the most versatile in terms of design. Whether the photos are for a brochure, website or other kinds of marketing materials this approach gives you the flexibility to include the imagery anywhere you need it to seamlessly.

corporate teeam photos by hughes fioretti teamClean2


Team photos taken in the office environment can not only give a sense of work ethic, but they also give context to your company while letting potential clients take a peek behind the curtain at what you do.





Team photos on location can give a powerful connection to a specific location. For example if your office serves a particular area, using well known landmarks as a background can give your potential clients comfort in knowing they are dealing with a business that is local and connected to the community. They can also give your clients a powerful sense of what you are all about.

location3 location1 location2


The most important thing to consider when designing your team photos and branding images is intent. What will they be used for? Do they need to match a particular brand and scheme? Can I get multiple uses from them?


When it’s time to create headshots, branding images and team photos for your business, we can help you come up with the perfect look and style.


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