Spring-Inspired Wardrobe Ideas

Spring is here and whether you need to update your headshot or start your acting or modeling portfolio from scratch, you’ve probably stood in front of your closet already and wondered what you want to be photographed in. That’s why we’ve put together some tips on picking the right outfit.

First, check our blog post on picking the right colors for your skin tone: http://hughesfioretti.com/blog/picking-the-right-colors-for-your-skin-tone/

In that blog post, we discuss identifying certain tones that occur naturally in people’s skin and which colors pair well with them. If you are picking a color for spring, you may want to pay special attention to lighter colors – such as mint, coral, sky blue, and khaki. Once you’ve identified the best colors for your skin tone, you can move on to the next steps with a preset palette in mind.

Next, you’ll want to identify the location of your shoot. Will you be shooting indoors or outdoors? If you plan to shoot inside in a studio setting, you have much more control over the backdrop and can essentially pick that based on what you’ve chosen to wear. If you’re shooting outdoors, however, you’ll need to plan accordingly. For instance, if you’re shooting against a cityscape, such as Lake Eola in downtown Orlando, you’ll want to consider the blues and grays in the buildings, as well as natural colors of the greenery. You wouldn’t want to wear a green outfit against a park backdrop, just as you wouldn’t want to wear a grey plaid suit against a cityscape. You want the colors to go together – and you definitely don’t want your backdrop to overpower or blend into your color scheme. Try a soft cherry against the city, or a navy suit with a mint tie against a brick wall.

Finally, you’ll want to consider the feeling of the headshot. Are you an interior designer who wants to show their clients that they know how to coordinate colors and fabrics? Maybe you work in television and need to portray professionalism but with a big personality – you may want a clean suit with a little modern flare like a patterned shirt and no tie or a ruffled blouse underneath. Your outfit choice says nearly as much as your expression does when it comes to this, so don’t be afraid to make a small statement if necessary. On the same token, you wouldn’t wear a floral print or a sequin top to your headshot session if you’re using the photo for your law practice – but you can incorporate pops of color into the tie or accessories to make yourself stand out still.

If you’re doing a group shot, it’s a good idea to give the team a palette to work with if you’re not being photographed in uniform. Spring is the perfect time to do this, especially if your team shot is outside. Team shots should not only take the above points into consideration but should also focus on cohesiveness. You don’t want a random array of colors dotted across your group shot – this is distracting and doesn’t give your clients the best representation of you.

For a visual guide on some of our favorite spring looks, we’ve put together this Pinterest board that you can check out before you come in for your headshot, modeling or personal branding session.

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