Professional Headshots for Your Convention or Event in Orlando

As a photography studio that specializes in headshots, we have the opportunity to work with all kinds of professionals. One of the most popular services we offer is convention or event headshots. Companies from all over the world have hired us to provide this service at their events because we are experts at not only delivering the best quality headshots, but because we have pioneered the techniques to create those headshots in extremely large numbers. No matter how many people are at a conference or event, we can create stunning headshots with great lighting, posing and a great expression. Every single person that sits for a shot with us leaves with a professional quality headshot that they will love. Here are some examples, all from the same event:


orlando headshots


We have a completely mobile setup that allows us to travel anywhere easily and setup in minutes with no messy wires or bulky equipment. Our mobile studio can fit easily and neatly in to the look and feel of your event without getting in the way:


Mobile Headshot Setup Time Lapse from HughesFioretti on Vimeo.

The average sitting time for our event headshots is just two minutes! In that time we are able to get someone seated, lit, posed and comfortable enough to get a great expression. Check out this short time lapse of one hour of shooting:


Headshot Booth Time Lapse from HughesFioretti on Vimeo.

If you want to find out how to add this awesome service to your next event or convention, Contact Hughes Fioretti for more information

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