Our 5 Top Travel Camera Picks for Summer 2016


Summer is here and millions of families will be taking part in the time-honored tradition of the summer vacation. Taking hundreds of vacation photos isn’t just for photography nerds anymore, everyone carries a great phone in their pocket these days. But what if you want to take a camera that does more than your phone? We have put together a list of five great cameras for travel photography ranging from the inexpensive to the outrageous, depending on your budget.



5. The Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-WX350


This versatile little guy is a dream come true for the budget-conscious traveler. It easily fits in to a pocket and won’t weigh you down with a bunch of lenses and add on gear. Everything you need is built right in. Not only can you take sharp, colorful images even in low-light conditions, but this baby is image-stabilized, shoots HD video, has a 20x zoom and can connect directly to your phone or tablet with WiFi so you can share your images as you go! At a price tag of under $300 this camera is a lot of value for the money.


4. The Canon Power Shot SX700 HS


Canon has been putting out this line of excellent consumer cameras for years, but this camera is a big jump from previous versions. Not only do you get 16MP of beautiful quality, but you get all of the modern features including HD video, WiFi and tons of editing options. The best thing about this tiny beast is that it has a 30x optical zoom that can get you very close to the action. For about $350 you can get some great images without spending all of your margarita money!

Canon PowerShot SX700

3. The Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark 2


So the incredibly long model number should not frighten you away from this little wonder. Olympus has been quietly making some of the best cameras in the world for a very long time. This is a big step up in quality and versatility from a point and shoot camera. Not only will you get the classic Olympus quality, but the new technology gives it some pretty impressive bells and whistles. WiFi connectivity with it’s own sharing mobile app is only the start. 5 axis in-body stabilization will make sure your images are sharp while the 4k video can make for some epic home movies. A two- lens kit that will cover all your needs is about $700 online. It’s lightweight, compact and can do just about everything the big pro cameras can do.


2. The Panasonic Lumix DMC G-7


Once you get to this level of camera, they all seem to have the same features unless you’re a total tech nerd. Don’t be intimidated by all of the technical jargon, this bad boy is the solution for any person who wants the ability to take professional quality images without buying one of the big boys. Crazy-good quality coupled with ease of use are present in this little machine that boasts all of the features you could want (WiFi, 4k video and still capture, etc) not to mention the ability to use the Lumix mobile app to remote control your camera. You can adjust most of the settings from your phone or tablet without ever touching the camera. With a 14-140mm lens (all the lens you will ever need in one) this setup runs about $900, a steal compared to what you might pay for similar functionality in another camera.


1. The Sony Alpha A6300


Sony has upped their big time with this follow up to the A6000. This beauty boasts the world’s fastest auto focus system paired with a crazy 24MP sensor for unbelievable detail and quality. Without going in to detail, let’s just say that if you have this thing in your bag, you will be ready to shoot pretty much anything that comes your way. 4k video, HD slow motion capture, auto focus tracking, WiFi and whole bunch of other stuff jammed in to a tiny, portable package make this the perfect option for the serious vacation photographer. With the 16-50mm lens you can find this one online for about $1200.




All photos courtesy of www.adorama.com. Adorama is one of our favorite online sources for cameras, lenses and other photographic equipment.



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