Orlando headshot, how to get to the studio

How to get to our studio for your next session

You have your headshot session booked with us at our studio. You’ve read the FAQ, picked out some amazing outfits, and you have a meticulous hair and makeup plan. Now, you just need to figure out how to get here. 

Orlando can be a tricky place whether you are just visiting or you are a seasoned local. There are stop lights every 100 feet, bright green trees everywhere, practically every road has a name and FL-number, and before you know it, the pavement you were so smoothly driving on just turned into a cobblestone nightmare. That is why we decided to put together some tips to get you here safely. 

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Tip #1 Getting Here

We are located at 250 Wymore Road, Suite B, Winter Park, FL 32789. Not to be confused with Altamonte Springs. We are conveniently located right off of Interstate 4 (Also known as I-4). If you are driving to us using the interstate, it is best to take the following exits:

From I-4 Westbound: Take exit 88 Lee Rd/FL-423, make a Left at the light, then turn Right at the next light: Wymore Rd. You’ll be making a Left turn into the studio parking lot. 

From I-4 Eastbound: Take exit 87 Fairbanks Ave/FL-426, make a Left at the light, then turn Right at the next light: Wymore Rd. You’ll be making a Right turn into the studio parking lot. 

*A good rule of thumb for exiting the interstate is to make sure you go underneath the overpass of I-4. If you do that, you’re headed in the right direction. 

If you aren’t using the interstate, you’re going to want to make your way to the main intersecting roads, either Lee Rd or Fairbanks, depending on where you are coming from. Luckily most of us have GPS features on our phones, so I highly advocate using that. 


Tip #2 Time Management

Give yourself enough time to get here and don’t overbook yourself on headshot day. Arriving early means you only get to be more prepared for your session. If you end up having to rush, you could find yourself flustered and out of sorts, which could impact the flow, mood, and results of your session. 

The greater Orlando area is notoriously congested. Be wary of peak rush hour times, especially on the interstate. If you are a backroads bandit like myself, a good rule of thumb is to double your miles vs minutes. For instance, if you are 10 miles away, give yourself at least 20 minutes to get here. 


Tip #3 Keep us updated

Life happens! Think you might be running late? Just let us know as soon as you can so we can decide on how and when to rebook! Call us here.

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