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5 Do’s and Don’ts for Professional Headshots at Events

Our team shoots thousands of professional headshots at events every year, and we have pretty much seen it all! So to help make sure that you have the best experience the next time you visit a headshot booth at a conference, here are the dos and don’ts of event headshot


Do make an appointment any time you can. Conference organizers very often have us create a custom online schedule for people to reserve spots in the headshot booth ahead of time. Then they email registered attendees the link so they can take advantage. If you see an email like that from a conference you’re getting ready to attend, grab a spot! 

Don’t try and slide in 5 minutes before the headshot booth is about to close. You are setting yourself up for disappointment. Giving away professional headshots at a conference is like giving away candy at a pre-school and there is almost always a line. If you don’t plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time, you may end up not being able to get in.



Do plan what you’re going to wear in advance and make sure to pack it for your trip. Something that flatters you, fits you well, and is clean and wrinkle-free. Event headshots may be quick, but showing up looking your best will give you a high quality result. 

Don’t expect the photographer to fix everything in Photoshop. Technology is amazing, but the end result is always better when the starting point is closer to the desired result.


Do try and get your headshot at a time of day when you’re at your best. If you’re a morning person, that’s a great time to get a headshot. If you come alive in the afternoon, that’s when you should do it. The connection between the photographer and the subject is important, so be ready for a fun and lively interaction.

Don’t shoehorn your headshot into a time when you aren’t looking and feeling your best just because you happen to be walking by the headshot booth. We can tell you from experience that grabbing a headshot on your way back from a morning run almost always leads to a re-shoot later on.

4 - REST UP!

Do get a good night’s sleep before you show up for a headshot. It’s not always easy when you are traveling, but it can make all the difference in the world in your appearance and your mood. Professional headshots at events often happen fast, being ready and at your best is key!

Don’t pull an all-nighter partying with your friends and colleagues the night before you plan to get a headshot. It’s exciting to get together with your people, but it can have pretty rough consequences on how you look and feel for your pictures. Red, puffy eyes are pretty much always a killer in headshots


Do communicate any concerns you might have to the photographer. Feedback like how you like to smile or what side of your face you prefer to show in photos can be extremely helpful in getting results that you love. 

Don’t  just stand there and not say anything. Speak up and collaborate with the photographer on the results. Headshot photographers love nothing more than seeing people happy with their images. But remember that sometimes a photographer might be seeing something you don’t, so be open to their input too. You might just be surprised at how they can make you look!

Professional headshots at events are VERY popular at the moment, and the results often vary. Take responsibility for the variables you can control, follow these do’s and don’ts, and you are going to get the best results possible every time! 


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