Basic Headshot Retouching – Before and After

One of the most common questions we get when it comes to headshots in Orlando is what does retouching actually do? Our philosophy of headshot retouching is to keep you looking as natural as possible. It’s very easy to apply a skin softening filter and get that “air brushed” look, but it isn’t easy to hand-retouch every part of a person’s face to make them look their best while still looking natural. We work with many people in the corporate and entertainment worlds and we have developed the philosophy that retouching should make you look better but believable. Here are some of the things you expect in a basic headshot retouch:

– removing acne and other blemishes

– reducing darkness under the eyes

– enhancing color and contrast

– correcting discoloration in eyes and teeth

– reducing splotchy or uneven skin tones

– reducing stray hairs

– reducing shiny patches of skin

– increased sharpness

– fill in gaps in hair when necessary

Check out the examples below and use the slider to see before and after:

[image-comparator title=”Before and After Basic Headshot Retouching 1 ” left=”” right=”” width=”100%” left_alt=”before” right_alt=”after ” classes=”hover”][/image-comparator][image-comparator title=”Before and After Basic Retouching 2″ left=”” right=”” width=”100%” left_alt=”Before Basic Retouching” right_alt=”After Basic Retouching ” classes=”hover”][/image-comparator]



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