3 Ways to Get The Most from Your Headshots

In the Orlando entertainment industry, having a great headshot is extremely important to your career as an actor. Since Orlando is a big market for commercial work, the most important look you can get is the commercial shot. This is a general headshot, typically smiling, with broad, soft lighting. Pretty much every actor needs this shot in their portfolio, but there are other looks that can serve you when submitting for roles. Doing some research and coming up with other looks can help you prepare for a very successful headshot session. For example, in just a 45 minute session, we were able to come up with three very specific looks for Samantha. Her first look pictured here is a great commercial shot, perfect for most submissions while shots two and three are different characters meant to be used when submitting for more specific roles. It can be a great tool to have a shot that could show you in a different light to a casting director. The second shot pictured here is for a rougher, darker character while the third shot is geared towards a more mannered, refined look; each of them planned in advance to show off the range of the actor and to provide a frame of reference to any casting director. To help on that path, here are three ways that you can prepare and get the most out of your headshot session.





 1. Consult Your Agent or Coach


If you have an agent, make sure to consult them and find out what they need. They will be the best source of information. Don’t go in to a headshot session without first consulting your agent (if you have one) and finding out what they need from you. Not everyone is at that point in their career where they have signed on with an agency and that’s okay, there are plenty of options out there for you. Orlando has several great acting schools available for actors at all levels that are taught by seasoned professionals. Honing your craft in a place like that is not only critical to your success but it gives you some great people to ask about what looks you should go for in your headshot session. Armed with good information from your colleagues, coaches and agent (maybe all three) you can prepare the right looks and wardrobe to bring to your session. Going in with a specific purpose and goals will make the session go more smoothly and yield better results. After all, the point is to get you more work!


2. Use Professional Hair and Makeup


It’s not just your wardrobe choices that help you achieve the looks you need. A professional hair and makeup artist (HMUA) can literally transform you in to the characters you are aiming for. It is incredible how much of a difference it makes when someone who really knows what they are doing is working with you and the photographer. You might just be blown away by how much of a range you can play when you see yourself make that transformation. We have a list of experienced and brilliant HMUAs that we can provide you on request.


3. Rest and Clear Your Schedule


Maybe this should go without saying, but resting and de-stressing can be very important to the results of your headshot session. Having professional images made can be stressful to think about, but rest assured that you have done your research, hired a team of experienced professionals and expect great images. Make sure to get a good night of rest before the session so that you look your best and feel comfortable. In addition, it’s not a bad idea to make sure that you don’t have any other pressing appointments on the day of the shoot. The stress of having to rush from place to place can hinder your ability to relax and perform for the camera.


If you follow good advice, hire a good team and mentally prepare for your session you can expect to have a great time and to love the results. If you are looking to update your headshots or need them for the first time call or email us to get more information and reserve a spot.

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