3 TIps For Your First Audition from a Working Actor

3 Tips for Your First Audition From a Working Actor

If you plan to work as an actor, you are going to become very familiar with the process of auditioning. For new actors, starting out on that journey can be both intimidating and confusing, but it is possible to overcome your fears and deliver the goods at your first audition. Because we are headshot photographers and not actors, we decided to bring in someone with more than a little experience with the audition process.

Robert Walker Branchaud is an actor who got his start right here in Orlando and has some incredible credits to his name, including Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, Deepwater Horizon, American Horror Story, and more. As an actor with dozens of credited roles, you might imagine that he has a little bit of experience with auditions. I asked him to give me three tips to help a new actor through that first audition and here’s what he said:

1. Follow the Instructions 

 The (submission)instructions are as important as the audition itself. A lot goes into the decision making in regards to booking talent on a job. Casting uses many tools to narrow down the choices. One of which is being very specific about how they want the audition framed, labeled, and so forth. It would be a shame for your audition video not to get watched because you don’t label the file correctly.

2. Do Your Homework 

Get to know IMDb, it’s your friend. You can use it to look into the director and writer on the project you are auditioning for. What other projects have they worked on? Do you understand the tone of the show? An audition for The Walking Dead is going to read differently than one for Stranger Things. 

3. Auditioning Is Your Job

 It’s important not to put too much pressure on yourself for any audition and have fun with it. You’re not going to book every job, so don’t try to. Your job is too submit a compelling tape each time for casting to watch. Just to put in prospective, I audition about 100 times a year and end up booking about 6 jobs. 

Check out Rob’s IMDB page and find out where you ca see some of his work.

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