3 Advantages of Picking Your Background After the Shoot

For professionals (or anyone else) in Orlando, headshots are a necessity. As a small to medium business, it can be difficult to come up with the brand and identity for your marketing. Headshots are part of that. We very often work with businesses who aren’t completely sure what they want to use as a background for their headshots. The good news is that we have the ability to remove and replace almost any background after the fact.

Examples of different backgrounds

Here are the 3 Main Reasons to Shoot with Background Extraction in Mind:

1. Flexibility in Design – Web designers, marketers and graphic designers often struggle with working photos in to websites and other designs because of the restrictions of size, orientation and branding. Shooting a headshot or professional portrait while keeping the background extraction in mind can give designers the flexibility they need to incorporate your images in to almost any design seamlessly.

2. Consistency – If you have a business with multiple employees in multiple locations, it can be a challenge to make the headshots consistent between offices. Placing the background digitally will ensure that the background to every headshot and profile photo is exactly the same, no matter when or where it was taken. This is a huge help to large companies or companies who are growing and hiring new people on a regular basis.

3. Versatility – If you are a realtor, lawyer, accountant or engineer, you might find yourself changing jobs from time to time. This means that the branding and identity you represent might change too. Being able to change the background in your headshot means that you can take the headshot you love with you and easily change it to make it match for the new job. Also, if you have multiple intended uses for your image, like LinkedIn, website or other marketing materials, you can use the same headshot for all of the above and change the background and orientation to make it fit perfectly wherever you want to use it.

You have many options when you get a headshot and today’s digital technology makes it possible to make sure you get the perfect look for yourself and your employees.



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