November 21, 2016

Kelly and Geoff are two of the most unique and wonderful people you could hope to meet. If you knew nothing else about them except for the love that surrounds them from their family and friends you would know everything you needed to. The location, the weather and the people all came together for a truly perfect day. Here are a few of our favorite images from the day.

November 14, 2016

holiday family portraits by Hughes Fioretti

Once a year we offer family portraits on location. For only two days, we open up location sessions at one of our favorite spots in Orlando. Do you want something that looks a little different for your Holiday Cards this year? Join us at a beautiful lakeside park that actually has fall colors! Here’s what you need to know:

- Sessions are available on November 26th and December 3rd

- Every booking will include the location session and 25 holiday cards

- you can also order anything else you like from our full menu of portrait products 

- the cost for your session and holiday cards is $199.00

- we only offer this opportunity once a year!

- spaces are limited, book your session today

To get more information or reserve you spot, call or text 407-617-1231 or email

November 9, 2016

There are few things that can communicate your brand identity and corporate culture to your client base like a professional portraits and team photos. Coupled with a great website and social media strategy your portraits and group photos can say a lot about your business. We work with companies all over Central Florida and help them to come up with the right images to reinforce their message. There are plenty of options for creating these images whether your company does interior design or video game design.


Clean and simple is the most versatile in terms of design. Whether the photos are for a brochure, website or other kinds of marketing materials this approach gives you the flexibility to include the imagery anywhere you need it to seamlessly.

corporate teeam photos by hughes fioretti teamClean2


Team photos taken in the office environment can not only give a sense of work ethic, but they also give context to your company while letting potential clients take a peek behind the curtain at what you do.





Team photos on location can give a powerful connection to a specific location. For example if your office serves a particular area, using well known landmarks as a background can give your potential clients comfort in knowing they are dealing with a business that is local and connected to the community. They can also give your clients a powerful sense of what you are all about.

location3 location1 location2


The most important thing to consider when designing your team photos and branding images is intent. What will they be used for? Do they need to match a particular brand and scheme? Can I get multiple uses from them?


When it’s time to create headshots, branding images and team photos for your business, we can help you come up with the perfect look and style.


Call or text: 407-617-1231


October 14, 2016

Our Headshots for Charity event in Atlanta was a huge success! We photographed 44 beautiful people who all came together to raise money in support of PPA Charities and Operation Smile. With the help of the great people at Frat Pack Productions in Atlanta who hosted the event, we were able to raise enough money for seven cleft palate and cleft lip surgeries. It is overwhelming what people can accomplish when they come together for a good cause. We are overwhelmed by the response once again and can’t wait to do it again in the future. Take a look below and you can see the faces of our incredible donors who came out in support:

headshots for charity donors


To find out more about PPA Charities and their mission visit them online at

Learn more about the important work of Operation Smile visit them online at

September 26, 2016

One of the most common questions we get when it comes to headshots in Orlando is what does retouching actually do? Our philosophy of headshot retouching is to keep you looking as natural as possible. It’s very easy to apply a skin softening filter and get that “air brushed” look, but it isn’t easy to hand-retouch every part of a person’s face to make them look their best while still looking natural. We work with many people in the corporate and entertainment worlds and we have developed the philosophy that retouching should make you look better but believable. Here are some of the things you expect in a basic headshot retouch:

- removing acne and other blemishes

- reducing darkness under the eyes

- enhancing color and contrast

- correcting discoloration in eyes and teeth

- reducing splotchy or uneven skin tones

- reducing stray hairs

- reducing shiny patches of skin

- increased sharpness

- fill in gaps in hair when necessary

Check out the examples below and use the slider to see before and after:

Before and After Basic Headshot Retouching 1
Before and After Basic Retouching 2
Before Basic Retouching
After Basic Retouching