August 14, 2017



We shoot thousands (yes thousands) of headshots every year. The majority of those are fairly straightforward, smiling and looking at the camera images. Everyone knows that thanks to social media and modern marketing, a good headshot is crucial in the business community. With millennials quickly becoming the main buying force in the professional world as management and decision makers, companies are looking to branding and marketing strategists to find new ways to relate to and connect with potential clients online. More and more of our commercial clients are asking us to create something special for them. Marketers will tell you that people are gathering a lot of information before they make a buying decision, and that includes checking out the profiles and social media pages of the people and places they spend money with. Enter the “Alternative Headshot”.

Along with a standard headshot, clients are asking us for an “alternative” image, one that shows a little more about the subject. Telling a story in a headshot can create a sense of authenticity with a potential client and start to develop positive feelings toward the company they work for. If someone identifies with the values of a particular business, they are more likely to spend their money there and feel good about it. As more and more people get a standard professional headshot, the more companies and marketers are going to push for a way to stand out. The alternative headshot is a great way to do just that.




July 29, 2017


For the first time since it’s inception, we are proud to announce that we are partnering with ClassAct Studios and Frat Pack Productions to bring Headshots for Charity to Orlando. We have grown our small family business for almost ten years thanks to the support of our local community and we are thrilled to be able to give something back. In addition to supporting PPA Charities and Operation Smile with our donations, proceeds from the event will also be going to support the Russell Home for Atypical Children, an important local cause. Here is everything you need to know:

Where: ClassAct Studios in Orlando, FL - 11561 Lake Underhill Rd, Orlando, FL 32825

When: August 25th, 6pm-9pm

How Much: $40 donation to reserve your place

What you get: A great night of networking and raffles that will include a 5 minute headshot session and all the high resolution files

Where Does the Money Go?: ALL the proceeds from the headshots and the raffle will benefit Operation Smile through PPA Charities and the Russell Home for Atypical Children

How to Sign Up: Go to and follow the steps on the page to reserve a spot

How it Works: Once you sign up and make your donation, you will be contacted in order to pick a session time. Even though you will have a time scheduled, make sure to come for as much of the event as you can. There will be refreshments, raffles and networking with some awesome local entertainers and professionals that you are not going to want to miss. Please come with hair and makeup done and 1 great outfit. All images will be delivered a few days later via online gallery. You will be able to purchase professional retouching of any of the images for $25 per image and all of that money will go to charity too.




June 9, 2017

For many years people with glasses have gotten used to taking them off for photos. Photographers are intimately familiar with this problem, especially those who shoot a large volume of people back to back. Because of the proliferation of anti-glare lenses it has become a much smaller problem, but it is still a pesky one. Over the years and many, many jobs, we have developed a method to help us deal with this issue. If you are in a situation where you are shooting a large amount of subjects back to back and you don’t have time to adjust the lighting setup for every person, this is a great trick to keep in your tool kit.



May 29, 2017

photography by hughes fioretti


Corporate events are a fantastic way to energize your sales force, unify your team and reward the hard work at the end of a good year. Big companies come to Orlando every day to put on events for their teams. We have seen everything from Corvette giveaways and fire-jugglers to celebrity concerts and dancing storm troopers, but maybe the most popular part of the events that we work is the headshot booth. Professionals from all over the world line up to get a great, professional headshot and our team loves to deliver. If you have an event coming up, here are 3 reasons why it’s a great idea to add headshots to it:


1. A Consistent Look – For companies with a lot of employees, especially those with offices in multiple locations, getting the team together for headshots can be difficult. A convention is often the only time everybody is all together and presents a great opportunity for everyone to have consistent and professional-looking images.

2. Increased Value – Corporate events are a great opportunity for a company to say thank you to their teams of hard working employees. Providing the chance for attendees to get a great-looking headshot is great added value and a moral booster.

3. It Saves Money and Time (which is money) - If every office hires a photographer to come out to their location and photograph the staff, you have loads of time spent working with, booking and paying photographers. Everything from inquiry to the delivery of the final images uses the resources of staff in every office. If you have headshots provided at your annual event, there is one vendor to work with, one bill to pay, and one email chain to manage. Many paid hours and money saved by keeping it simple and doing it all in one place.

Check out the 30 second video below of 460 headshots we captured at a three-day, corporate event. No matter how many attendees you have or what your needs are, we have the ability to accommodate you.


May 24, 2017

We had a brilliant time photographing Jenna and Pete’s wedding party session and then their wedding! Before we get to the wedding photos, here are a few more from their pre-wedding, wedding party session at Universal Orlando. We were able to get in a little bit before the park opened to the public and get some great shots with the attractions. Because it was Jenna and Pete, we focused on Harry Potter and The Simpsons. Enjoy!