January 30, 2018

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by Andrew Harper



It goes without saying, social media is everywhere. Odds are you have Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Messenger installed right now. Maybe you also have Pinterest or even Tumblr. But what about LinkedIn? Remember that one? While everyone was gawking over photos that disappear in 5 seconds and live videos featuring celebrities, this professional career-focused platform multiplied its following, becoming a silent powerhouse with a rapidly growing influence in the job market. So open up your app store and read on because we’ve compiled 5 reasons why your LinkedIn profile could be the most valuable social media to use daily.


1) It’s growing – fast.

LinkedIn went from having 140 million users in 2011 to 500 million in 2017. This might have something to do with millennials beginning to dominate the workforce – being an entire generation that matured alongside the rise of the internet, it would only make sense to integrate that knowledge into their professional lives as well. which brings us to our second point


2) It’s been re-branded to be competitive with other social medias.

Originally, LinkedIn was created as a means of connecting the business world. While it still serves that function, it has also begun to steer rapidly in a similar direction to Facebook (which also had more niche beginnings) and has drawn the attention of many more users. It has developed to fit the mold of a successful social media platform featuring interactions between users in the form of likes, shares, and comments, and some believe this purchase by Microsoft is to thank. Jumping on LinkedIn now is a smart move, as it’s estimated to be the platform to watch in the next few years.


3) LinkedIn owns lynda.com.

Let that sink in. The largest professional networking site owns the largest online library. The resources are literally endless. Through this integration, LinkedIn offers more than 9,000 e-learning courses (including language courses) to its users which can prove extremely beneficial to companies who utilize LinkedIn in their hiring process. Speaking of the hiring process…


4) It’s your online resumé.

Literally. Most online applications allow you to submit your LinkedIn profile now which is ideal. How many times have you struggled to put together a one-page resumé that not only expresses your personality but also highlights your job experience concisely? It usually takes several drafts and hours of editing. I, personally, have sent mine off to countless graphic design friends to construct the layout. LinkedIn allows you to connect your job experience to the page of the company you worked for. For smaller businesses that aren’t nationwide, this is very useful to the hiring manager who can get a quick idea of the type of company you worked for before diving into the actual work that you did for them. Most importantly, your LinkedIn profile allows you to show personality. Your profile picture is everything, and it’s encouraged to have an eye-catching headshot. This gives you a lot of leeway that you wouldn’t normally have with a traditional resumé. And finally,


5) LinkedIn unearths opportunity.

Not only has LinkedIn remained a crucial job search engine as well as a recruitment tool, it also has encouraged partnerships that may not have happened otherwise. While it’s inevitable that you will reconnect with college friends on facebook, LinkedIn puts your career commonalities at the forefront of your interactions with them. This could lead to brand partnerships or startups between former colleagues or classmates. That’s nice that Susan has two kids and a loving husband whom she skis with regularly, but let’s be honest – we’re more interested in partnering with her innate ability to wow a team of buyers, and that’s why we connected with Susan on LinkedIn and hid her posts on Facebook. 

January 22, 2018

By Andrew Harper



What can I expect from my headshot session?


Your session time is based on the size of the session you booked. (Please see a summary below.) If you don’t remember what type of session you booked, you can refer back to your proposal anytime, or email our Studio Manager for assistance at sbutler@hughesfioretti.com

Executive Session: Your session includes a short, studio session and 1 retouched image.

Basic Session: Your session includes a 30 minute, studio session and gallery of images. All looks will be done in the studio. You will get up to two different looks and minimum of 20 high-resolution images.

Standard Session: Your session includes a 60 minute, studio session and gallery of images. All looks will be done in the studio. You will get up to 4 different looks with a minimum of 50 high-resolution images.

Plus Session: Your session includes a 90 minute, studio session and gallery of images. All looks will be done in the studio. You will get up to 6 different looks with a minimum of 80 high-resolution images.

Your gallery of images will be delivered via an online gallery (Pixieset) in about 3 days. Please download your images from your gallery and save your images when you receive them.


You can order retouched image anytime, but don’t forget, you get a discount on retouching if you pre-purchase them before your session!. You can choose to download a high-resolution version to use for printing reproductions and/or a low-resolution version to use on websites, Facebook, Linkedin, 800 casting, model mayhem etc.


What happens if I need to reschedule or cancel?


If you need to cancel, know that your payment can go towards a future session, but there are no refunds. You may receive 1 complimentary reschedule at no cost. All future reschedules will incur a $150 fee.


What about hair and makeup?


Hair and makeup are not included in the session fee. Hair and makeup is a must! Our cameras capture everything. Yes, we will help with acne and bags under your eyes in post productions but we DO NOT retouch makeup onto you! Your headshot needs to look like you on your best day – help that out by looking your best that day. Men! Yes, we are talking to you, be a man and buy some makeup :) , we recommend a light foundation (especially males with darker complexion) to help take out any shine. For women, we always recommend professional makeup. A professional makeup artist knows how to make you look your best for the camera.

Sessions are scheduled back to back come to your session with hair and makeup ready to go so you can get the most out of your session.

*Please note, if you decide to do your own makeup, please avoid any makeup with SPF in it. 


Who do you recommend for Hair and Makeup?


If you don’t have a hair and makeup artist who you use, here are a few artist that we work with regularly and highly recommend. You can contact them directly to set up your appointment and work out payments.


Yolanda Winters of Que Pasa Productions: 321-278-6088

Hair and Makeup by Regina Chaney: 407-376-4953

Beauty by Carrie – Carrie Brown: 407-929-4414


What should I wear for my headshots?


You should bring plenty of options to the shoot, we will go over it before hand but here are some pointers for you:

- Always bring clothes that match your style and personality.

- Stay away from clothes with busy patterns. Solid colors are best. NO LOGOS.

- Try to stay away from black and white!

- Any color is great for tops, but remember that bright colors can draw away from your face so pick something muted.

-Bring an undershirt or camisole. It saves time to be able to change comfortably in the studio. This way you get as many different looks as possible during your session. Or if you prefer, there will be bathroom for changing needs.

- Blue Jeans always look great on camera, unless they are dingy and torn. For headshots, your lower half won’t make it into most of the pictures, but don’t neglect to pick out some good pants for the shoot.

- Make sure to dress comfortable but classy, v-neck and u-neck sweaters and shirts are great. Collared button down shirts are great, a solid color with a crisp-clean white shirt underneath for the men and a stylish solid color for women. For women tank-tops are always good, stay away from clothes that are too tight or uncomfortable.

- Make sure any clothes that you bring are clean and neatly pressed. This goes double for collared shirts and suits.

- Don’t bring any jewelry or props; the shoot is all about you, not accessories.

-Bring unique articles of clothing. Jackets and scarves are great to add some color and character to your headshots.


What else should I do to prepare for my headshot session?


- If you plan to get your hair cut or colored, make sure to do it 4 – 7 days before your session.

- We recommend getting a facial about 4 days before your session. Your face is everything (these are headshots) take care of your face and it will take care of you.

- Be rested and drink plenty of water the day before your shoot, it is amazing for your skin.


How long does it take to get my images back?


Please give us three business days to send your gallery and three days to receive your retouched images once we receive your selections. We will upload your retouched images to a separate folder in your gallery and send you an email letting you know they are completed. Please DOWNLOAD and SAVE your images to your computer. We also recommend saving them in a second location as a backup.


Retouched images will be available to download as a high-resolution file that you can use for all your printing and reproductions needs. You can also choose to download them as a low-resolution file for you to use on your website, facebook, 800casting, etc. These low-res files are ‘internet ready’ and are best resolution and sharpness for the Internet and quick uploading.


How much retouching do you do?


We do the minimal amount of retouching to our images. Color correction, sharpness, and cropping. We do remove some blemishes and draw attention to certain parts of the image by lightening and darkening. Other than that, it is important for you to look your best by getting plenty of rest before the shoot, getting a haircut about a week ahead of time, and we highly recommend a facial for both men and women. Getting a facial several days to a week before the shoot can ensure that your skin will look its best. It is important for you to look natural, and too much retouching can give you an artificial look.

For more information please see our retouching blog post: Click here for more on Retouched images.


How do I get my images? What is Pixieset?


Pixieset is a web-based, online gallery we use to send you your images because they are large files and we do not want to clutter up your email box or have it bounce back. The email will say from: Hughes Fioretti Photography; subject: Photos for Your Name are ready. Once you receive the email from us, download your images, and it’s not a bad idea to back them up as well. Retouched image will be uploaded to a separate folder within your same gallery available to download. We will send you an email when your images are ready. Galleries will be available for 2 weeks for download. Please download and back up your images during this time. If you need to reactivate your gallery after the 2 weeks, there will be a $40 reactivation fee. 


How do I order retouched images?


You can email us anytime with your retouched image request. If you know you want retouched images, we recommend ordering them with your session so we know to follow up with you about them.


Each additional retouched image is only $39, or you can get 3 images for $100 or 10 images for $300.


I’m just getting into the acting/modeling industry. I got my headshots, now what?

Since we’ve been working in this industry, we’ve worked with people who we highly recommend and also know people who you need to run away from as fast as you can! Just email us and we’ll send you information on how to get started and plugged into the industry here in Orlando or you can see out list of actor and model resources HERE.


January 16, 2018

By Gary Hughes

photoshop tutorial on burning and dodging

One of the most powerful techniques for adding depth and drama to photographs is also one of the oldest. Burning (making darker) and dodging (making lighter) have been around since the beginning of film photography. Although we use a digital version of it today, the principle is the same. If you are a photographer or aspiring Photoshop expert, this is a great tutorial for you to learn an easy way to control light and shadow in post-production. If you aren’t, you might still like to get a look behind the scenes at how we work some of our magic. Enjoy!

January 2, 2018

By Andrew Harper

picking colors for your skin tone

Are you having trouble picking out the best outfit for your headshot session? Or maybe you just need a little spark of creative inspiration to add the right pop to your look? You’re not the only one – one of the most time consuming parts of preparing to be photographed is deciding on the outfit you want to be captured in, so we’ve outlined how to get the process started with the most important part: picking out your colors.


We’ll start by identifying which category you fit into – warm, neutral, or cool.


Take this quiz!



The vein test

Around your wrist and palm area, check your veins. If they appear greenish, then you have a warm skin tone. If they are clearly blue then you have a cool skin tone. If you can’t necessarily tell one way or the other, you likely are more of a neutral skin tone.



Another quick way to tell is by recalling the way your skin reacts to the sun:

Pick whichever most closely applies to you:

Tan easily: warm

Able to tan or burn: neutral

Burn easily: cool



Warm Skin Tone Color Options:

Orange, Honey, Amber, Gold, Olive, Turquoise, Cream.








Vibrant tones like deep red and indigo




Neutral Skin Tone Options:

Light and soft colors like rose, jade, gray, sky blue

main-qimg-f981e578fbabb5753d9001312fcbf49f download ab5adf4e372572c232c84496827f5324--bedroom-paint-colors-exterior-paint-colors 2048x2048-italian-sky-blue-solid-color-background







Neons, yellows, reds



Cool Skin Tone Color Options:

Emerald, Ocean Blue, Purple, Lavender, and brighter warm colors like Cherry Red

P0462_-_COLOR_PLUS_180_GRS_ROXO_73437_zoom download-1 download-2 download







Orange and Yellow

December 18, 2017


By Andrew Harper

Adobe Spark (1)

It’s easy to become overwhelmed in the workplace, and sometimes we wish we had an extra set of hands. I’ve gone ahead and gathered our favorite office management tools, identifying the productive benefits of each one so you can pick which will help you most in better handling your work tasks, whether they be unread emails, or a big sales pitch, or anything in-between.




SaneBox is an email app that will scan through all of  your emails and sort them into smart folders, such as important, reply later, spam, etc. Basically everything you would love to do with your email account but done for you. It works best for people who receive a large amount of emails daily and have trouble managing which ones are most important or who they’ve already emailed. PC Mag raves about the service in this review  and offers a more in-depth view of the various subscriptions ranging from $7-36 a month. I did a free trial and it took my unread emails down from 32,000 (yes…. I know) to 9,000 (I know, I know). Sanebox uses an algorithm to even detect timelines within emails, like tomorrow vs next week. It’s genius.






Google Sheets

I cannot say enough good things about this free spreadsheet service through Google. I personally use it to chart the growth and changes of the various social media accounts that I’m in control of, both for work and personally, in terms of number of likes, comments, impressions, reach etc. I can then select certain ranges or sets of data and import them into smart charts that suggest different types of graphs for the information you’ve chosen. If you’re familiar with spreadsheets then you know they’re a godsend for monitoring things like budgets or hours (read below for something interesting about that one). It’s like excel but much more user friendly… and free.






Standing for “if this then that,” this takes two services and connects them for you through commands. You can set it to automatically save photos you’re tagged in on Facebook to an IOS folder, or automatically save videos on YouTube that you “like” to a playlist on Spotify. My favorite is a button you can install on your phone that tracks your hours into…you guessed it… Google Sheets. That is incredibly handy if you are freelance or work from home frequently. There are even some odd ones, like a command that transcribes your phone calls and saves them to Google Drive. You can even create your own commands. Check out this review for more in-depth reading.



WunderlistWunderlist – Gary’s Favorite!

Another great free service, this application is all about list making. What I love about Wunderlist is that it organizes your lists by category and time, meaning you can create notifications for yourself that will alert you to deadlines. I have mine set to remind me through my calendar on both my mac and my phone. This is also good for sharing and collaborating on lists – for instance, you could create a wishlist and manage the privacy settings so that only certain people you send it to can see it. We use it at the studio for task management or images that we might need for certain projects and then set the list to be collaborative meaning anyone in the office can edit or check off tasks.




Last, but certainly not least, is the project management powerhouse asana. If Pinterest, Wunderlist, and Google Drive had a baby it would be this program. I love it. You can create project boards and email them out as collaborations which is exceptionally useful in a creative work environment such as a marketing agency or PR firm. I used it in school for group projects, and even sometimes as a running list of self-directed projects. I can create tasks, deadlines, locations, contact info, and add images for inspiration or reference. There’s also a separate messaging service between collaborators so that you can still communicate within the program without having to do so through notes on the actual project itself, which can become cluttered. I discovered asana through recommendation of friends who work in marketing, internet security, and social media. If you need any further evidence, like I usually do, here’s a link to the reviews of 2,000+ people who rated it 4.5/5.